Jeneil Williams photographed by Jason kim for Flare Magazine April 2014. Styled by Martha Violante


 Realistic Sugar Sculptures in the Female Form  by Joseph Marr

Created by artist Joseph Marr, this series of Laura sculptures are lifelike human forms sculpted completely out of preserved sugar. Each piece features the same nude female, Laura Weyel, standing with a delicate rope that wraps around her shoulders and cascades to the floor. Glistening with light, the sugary substance, preserved in polyurethane, creates an ephemeral beauty filled with ideas of sensuality and desire.  

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Linda Forsell. Cause of Death: Woman

War (Mexico - Ciudad Juarez)

In Mexico the war is of a different sort. The so-called “war on drugs” plays out between powerful drug cartels that the police and military try to confine but usually end up becoming a part of. Women are under serious attack. Brutal women’s killings, kidnappings and rapes have skirted the path of drugs. Young girls have been found dead in barrels of acid, mutilated with breast ripped off or abducted to be found dead a month later in the desert.

The underlying causes of these atrocities are complicated and impossible to fully comprehend , but drugs, lawlessness, corruption, innumerous undocumented immigrants and power-hungry cartel member 

Mexico: In 2010, Ciudad Juarez was crowned the murder capitol of the world. Murders of women have taken extreme shapes through mutilations, kidnappings, rapes and deformations.

Mexico: Pink crosses all over Ciudad Juarez mark where women have been founded murdered.

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Elinor Carucci

1. Cherries

2. Stress Marks

3. Sleep Marks

4. Red Curtain

5. Emmanuelle Getting a Haircut

6. Pini’s Back

7. Haircut

8. Secret

9. Mother Puts On My Lipstick