So I’m a really conservative person when it comes down to sharing my photos over the net- ontop of my general discomfort of having my identity floating around I’m ashamed how bad my face broke out over that weekend. My mother just insisted I get my face waxed before attending the convention but as it were the oil that was put on my face made my face break out really bad, like I don’t think I’ve ever broke out this bad in my entire laugh bad. It took forever for me to recover, as you can see from these photos. Not only did it hurt like all hell, but it did in no way help to flatter my complexion  I’m on the edge of opting out posting the photographs altogether, but I really don’t want my self-image issues to get in the way of decision my making. Besides it’s not like I’m the one people are going to be noticing in these anyway. Haw-haw!

Marc Alaimo was my first (pffffft, haha!). He was a really sweet fella, said I was too pretty to be wearing that ‘thing’ around my neck so he had us take a second photo together. I got to lend the man props for that, I mean seriously, this face ain’t going to be winning any dogshows anytime soon. It made me feel slightly better at least; flattery will do that I suppose.

The Second one I believe  was Hallie Todd. I did mine with my brother Mario and I, figured it would be fitting as she was “Lal” in “The Offspring”. She was a total cutiepie! Sort of caught me off track seeing her as a blonde though. It suites her oddly enough, certainly helps to differentiate herself from that previous role. :)

The third was George Takei, my brother and I decided to do ours together with him as well. It was so awesome getting to meet him, albeit very briefly. I think we should have gotten a tape recording of his voice though, as that is most definitely his most distinctive aspect!

Finally there is the one I had with Marina Sirtis. I think this is my favorite one of the bunch, not only is Marina stunning, but you can tell how at ease I am in the picture… I hope we see each other again, someday!

So that’s about it for my Trek adventures. I’ve been meaning to post about this for a long time, but I hadn’t exactly had the time to write about it. I still think I probably left out some things, either absentmindedly or intentionally…  If anyone has any additional questions to ask just drop me a line! I’ll try in my best to answer any inquiry. ;)

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